Port Angeles

Medical Marijuana Dispensary.

We’re here for you

The legalization of cannabis for recreational use inevitably led to a shift in the industry and we have too often seen the needs of medical patients being neglected. Sparket’s medical facility is here to fill this need in our community. We believe in the healing power of cannabis and we want to ensure that those who are benefitting from this treatment have a place to access it, and beyond that, a place where they feel comfortable doing so.

Because we understand that your cannabis experiences are often different than those of recreational users, we have created a starting point for your healing that will set you on the right path. Our consultation room is designed to offer a balance between the privacy and trust experienced in a medical office and the peaceful, inviting atmosphere of a friend’s home. Sparket is the only cannabis community in the state of Washington with an accredited cannabis nurse on staff to ensure that you are receiving accurate information and guidance. This passion and knowledge comes hand-in-hand with the genuine empathy and respect offered by all of our staff. Regardless of what you are coming for, Sparket is here for you.

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