Mobile applications are a convenience that smartphone owners have grown to love and depend on for everything from navigation to keeping themselves entertained. There are millions of applications out there, some with a broad audience and others that target a niche group. In this post, I’ll be taking you by the hand and introducing you to the best weed apps for cannabis consumers.

The 4 Best Weed Apps


Perhaps the best-known marijuana website, Leafly also offers a mobile application for iOS and Android users. Leafly is like Yelp for marijuana, allowing you to leave and browse past reviews of dispensaries and strains. Additionally, Leafly puts out a trove of high-quality articles concerning marijuana.


Have you ever longed for a judgment-free zone where you can meet like-minded individuals who enjoy partaking in the act of consuming marijuana? Look no further. HighThere! is essentially the Tinder of the cannabis world. The app helps you find new smoking pals and goes as far as matching you with people based on your preferences of consuming marijuana.


Weedmaps serves as the Google Maps for dispensaries. Instead of asking Siri to find dispensaries near you, consult this application. The app will display a map of all dispensaries near you and allow you to view reviews and oftentimes a menu. There are occasionally Groupon-style deals that pop up within the app as well.


MassRoots is a social networking site for all things cannabis. Users are encouraged to post pictures and talk about the latest news in the world of marijuana. Many dispensaries are on the app and can be followed—similiar to Facebook pages-—to ensure that you are up to date on what your local dispensary is up to. MassRoots is comparable to Duby, another marijuana social networking site. Feel free to compare the two and choose your favorite.

Mobile cannabis applications are growing at a rapid pace. We’re sure to see new applications arriving soon as investors become more comfortable with the idea of cannabis and see the untapped potential that this up and coming industry has to offer.

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