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Pot & Pregnancy: Why Pregnant Moms Shouldn’t Toke

Pot & Pregnancy: What Do We Know? Cannabis and pregnancy can be a touchy topic. It is a confluence of several deeply personal subjects: child rearing, herbal medicine, governmental authority, and moralizing around substances. Each of these on their own is a...

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Is Cannabidiol (CBD) Helpful In Treating Women with PTSD?

Any extreme shock or terror can create PTSD, and its effects are felt across one’s entire life. It imprints your nervous system, creating long-term physical and mental health issues we are only just beginning to understand. But this is far from something reserved for...

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Can Cannabis Treat Insomnia?

Deep dreamless sleep is where we rejuvenate ourselves. Our overworked, hyperstimulated, and stressed-out systems finally get a break from the constant input of daily life. It's during this process that your body rests, cleans itself, detoxifies organs, heals and...

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CBD Oil for Chronic Pain Relief

Cannabidiol, known as CBD, is becoming a major focus of scientific research for all its health benefits, slowly taking the spotlight from its psychoactive cannabinoid cousin, THC – at least on medical grounds. This little single molecule is showing promise in treating...

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Can Cannabis Enhance Intimacy With My Significant Other?

Many cannabis enthusiasts (ourselves included) have found that cannabis has the potential to enhance sex. And no wonder; many strains—especially those further towards the indica side of the spectrum—produce a relaxing, full-body high that tends to accentuate the...

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What are the Cannabis Health Benefits for Women?

We’ve said it before, but it bears repeating: When it comes to cannabis and its intersection with issues like civil liberties and health care, we are living through a truly fascinating time in history. For one thing, Americans are letting it be known in overwhelming...

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How Effective is Cannabis As Medicine?

Like it or not, we 21st-century Americans are living in what could be termed “the era of the consumer.” Increasingly, our field of vision, our sonic environment, and seemingly our inner monologues are being infiltrated by advertising—medicine is no exception. While...

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Cannabis vs. Opioids in Treating Chronic Pain

Healthcare is in the midst of a sea change, or, more accurately, several concurrent sea changes. Behind the very public debate over the federal government’s role in healthcare, one of these smaller shifts—yet one equally tectonic in its implications—is the role of...

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