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420 Wedding Theme: Cannabis-Friendly Weddings

It’s finally here: Your wedding day. A day that so many of us—or at least our parents—have dreamed of since childhood. How will you mark the occasion? With Champagne? A mile-high cake? Or perhaps another kind of high? Welcome to the era of the cannabis-friendly...

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8 Influential Americans Who Tried Cannabis (and Inhaled)

49% of Americans have said they have tried marijuana at some point in their life. With almost half of the people in the country having indulged in cannabis use, it would lead one to believe that an influential figure or two would be a part of this group.  Well, your...

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Love Letters to the Olympic Peninsula

It is mind bendingly beautiful here in Port Angeles where the mountains greet the sea and rivers too. We owe a lot to the First Nation peoples of the Olympic Peninsula for protecting that beauty and shaping our lives with their art, food, stories, skills and...

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