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What are the Cannabis Health Benefits for Women?

We’ve said it before, but it bears repeating: When it comes to cannabis and its intersection with issues like civil liberties and health care, we are living through a truly fascinating time in history. For one thing, Americans are letting it be known in overwhelming...

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How to Clean a Glass Pipe

All right, cannabis adventurers, today’s tip is a bit of a “how-to”! If like many cannabis consumers you’re using a custom-made glass pipe, you’ve likely noted that keeping that pipe looking as sparkly-clean, attractive—and functional—as the day you purchased it, is a...

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Flying With Marijuana – What You Need To Know

Ahh, summertime! A time to indulge in some de-stressing travel and vacationing… Perhaps a road trip around your state or region, or traveling by air someplace further afield. And it should go without saying that, as far as we’re concerned, marijuana is a natural and...

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5 Popular Marijuana Myths Debunked

The changes brought by the cannabis revolution have delivered many things so far: safe, clean and legal weed—at least for those of us lucky enough to live in states where it’s decriminalized—and growing curiosity about the potential of this very ancient plant...

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Cannabinoids: A Beginner’s Guide

Cannabinoids are chemicals found in cannabis that offer a surprisingly wide array of therapeutic benefits. They are produced in the resin glands of the plant, or trichomes, and get stored in those frosty-looking crystals found on the flower. Scientists have identified...

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Cannabis vs. Opioids in Treating Chronic Pain

Healthcare is in the midst of a sea change, or, more accurately, several concurrent sea changes. Behind the very public debate over the federal government’s role in healthcare, one of these smaller shifts—yet one equally tectonic in its implications—is the role of...

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The Science Behind Cannabis Extraction

Cannabis enthusiasts and medical professionals are always on the lookout for unique ways of properly administering consistent doses of cannabis. Top-level scientists proactively engineer the next generation of consuming cannabis safely. Cannabis extracts are currently...

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