A safe and comfortable experience involves listening to proper guidance from those who have been where you’re about to go. One piece of GOOD news is that there isn’t “technically” a way to overdose, however, there is such a thing as consuming TOO much. Having TOO much can cause your mind and body to become uncomfortable, leaving you wanting to STOP the experience right away.

First Basic Survival Law For Consuming Cannabis Edibles

Take is slow and have patience. Start with a standard 10 MG dose, of a regulated edible, and wait at least an hour before considering taking more. You won’t die from OVER consumption, yet, the experience of FEELING like you’ve taken too much is enough to make you put down the edibles for a time.

What do you need to know to stay safe and enjoy cannabis-infused edibles?

  • What To Consider Before Consuming An Edible
  • Types Of Edibles
  • Different Type Of High With Cannabis-Infused Edibles
  • What To Do If You Think You Took Too Much?

What To Consider Before Consuming An Edible?

Basic Edible Safety 101

Know what goes into your body before putting it in your body. Current regulation are “semi” loose and will probably only tighten up as time moves forwards. A few basic pieces of information will keep you safe and increase your chances of having an enjoyable experience while achieving the desired effect you’re looking for.

What to look for

  • Packaging
  • Lab Tested For Purity
  • THC & CBD Potency

Packaging, Testing & Potency

Labels should have all the information you need to know about the safety of purity of the product. Make sure you see some of the basic labels that indicate this product has a bit more regulation than being cooked up in a random kitchen. To experience a consistent experience, choose edibles that have industrial professional packaging and clearly displayed labels. Basic labeling should include THC & CBD potency, lab testing purity and dose per amount.

Not all edibles are created equally and doses can vary drastically between products. If you’re ever uncertain, make sure to ask for recommended dose size for optimal experience.

Are You Using Cannabis Edibles For Medical Or Recreational Purposes?

Recreational User

If you’re want to have a WILD experience that takes you to the SKY, take a bit of time and read about the high certain strains will produce. The main piece of wisdom is, patience. If you take too much, remember, this feeling won’t last forever, even though it may feel like it. Perhaps you think you might have overdosed and you’re currently asking Google to tell you what happens if you overdose on cannabis?

1st time users, keep the following in mind:

Start with a standard 10 MG dose and wait 60 minutes before taking more. You can’t overdose on cannabis. If you think you overdosed, stop & RELAX. Slowly take some pure CBD. Taking pure CBD stops the psychoactive THC from having an effect and will sober you up rather quickly.

Medical User

Medical user need to approach cannabis infused edibles with a little bit more caution than the recreational user. Spend time researching what strain will most closely match the symptoms you are seeking relief from. It’s important to get a handle on the basics before going off into the dark to choose any brand or consume whatever sized dose.

Types Of Edibles

Creative Methods For Consuming Cannabis-Infused Edibles

Cannabis-infused edibles have an endless amount of variety for creative consumption. Below is a short list of edibles you can either purchase or easily figure out how to make at home.

  • Baked Goods
  • Candy & Confections
  • Beverages
  • Vinegars & Oils
  • Dry Mixes
  • Jams, Jellies, Preserves, Nut butters, honey & Syrups

In order to make cannabis-infused edibles, all you need is cannabis and a little bit of an understanding about the basics of cooking with weed.

  • Before cannabis can get you high, it has to be heated.

Cannabis has a natural safety mechanism pre designed into it. You can’t consume RAW cannabis and expect to have a psychoactive effect. Before heating cannabis, the molecule inside the RAW bud is called THCA. Once you heat the cannabis, it decarboxylates and becomes your normal psychoactive THC molecule that will trigger a high.

A basic and easy way to decarboxylate cannabis which will activate the benign THCA in its psychoactive counterpart THC, is to use the oven. Take a cookie sheet and evenly break up your cannabis then bake for 30 – 40 minutes at 240 degrees Fahrenheit. Once you’ve done this, it makes infusing various edibles easy because the weed is psychoactive if you then consume it.

Different Type Of High With Cannabis-Infused Edibles

Edibles Are A Different Type Of High

Smoking cannabis will bring on effects rapidly but also disappear rapidly. Eating cannabis will make the effects come on more slowly yet the effects will stay longer and go away more slowly. Ultimately eating cannabis-infused edibles will have longer lasting effects that will make you at least four times higher than smoking.

  • Smoking Cannabis: Fast To Feel Effects & Short Lasting
  • Eating Cannabis: Slow To Feel Effect & Long Lasting

Why Does Eating It Make You Four Times Higher?

When you eat cannabis, versus smoking it, the cannabis has to get digested before the THC can be processed by the body and/or brain. Smoking lets the delta-9-THC go directly to the brain whereas eating it allows a LOT of the delta-9-THC to be converted into a different chemical by the liver. Once the delta-9-THC gets to your liver, it is process and that is what is responsible for getting you four times higher. When the delta-9-THC gets to the liver, it mixes together a bit different chemical comes out that is called 11-hydroxy-THC.

What to Do If You Think You Took Too Much?

How do you quickly reverse the feeling after having taken too much? Basic wisdom is to not freak out and keep some pure CBD nearby. Keep in mind that no one has died through the basic consumption of cannabis, yet it may feel like it in the moment. To lessen the effects, take some CBD. CBD counteracts THC and essentially neutralized the effects by being its polar opposite. Consuming pure CBD can relieve the psychoactive effects or paranoia feeling that’s causing you to feel and think strange things.

If you follow the wisdom of those who have gone before you, then you should be ok and you will have a normal enjoyable experience. Your last resort should be to call 911. Don’t hesitate or feel bad if you need emergency services. It’s not illegal to ask for help!