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The Three Subspecies: Cannabis Sativa Vs Indica Vs Hybrid

May 6, 2017 | Education

As researchers conducted more research over the years, they’ve uncovered three subspecies in cannabis such as Indica, Hybrid, and Sativa. Since it’s discovery cannabis has taken on a whole new form of healthcare. Each subspecies has a different role to play in every individual that consumes it. These types of species in cannabis have many differences and similarities from one another. The more we understand these, the more we’ll grow within the cannabis realm. But, to understand these three musketeers taking ahold of the cannabis industry, we must first ask:

  • “Where did these three subspecies come from?”
  • “How did they evolve?”

As you read on, you’ll notice surprising facts about these three. They will have you questioning about the strains you use to either put you asleep (Indica), put you in dance mode (Sativa), or a combination of the two (hybrid). Let’s start unmasking the real musketeers for who they are.

Where Did The Three Subspecies Come From?

In a report, author Barney Warf a professor of geography at the University of Kansas in Lawrence describes the history of cannabis. He mentions that Cannabis has been used in the east and south regions of Asia thousands of years ago. Then over time, it spread throughout Arab and Africa then eventually hitting America. Even in pre-modern time, cannabis has been used by them for medicinal, and spiritual purposes. In relation, the Vikings and Medieval Germans used it to heal pain during childbirth.

Moreover, it’s been described to have three subspecies such as sativa, indica, and hybrid within the cannabis plant. Carl Linnaeus first discovered Sativa in 1753. As it was found by Carl Linnaeus the sativa plant is pronounced as sativa L. It’s harvested differently than indica and hybrid that led to producing industrial fiber, seed oil, and other recreational purposes.

In contrast, the indica subspecies was discovered by Jean-Baptiste Lamark around 1785. Its discovery was collected in India which is one reason for the name Indica. Cannabis indicas have a long tradition of cultivating and producing hashish in certain countries such as India and Bangladesh. Unlike sativa, it’s growth gives short leaflets while sativa gives a long and narrow look.

Furthermore, sativa and indica have been used for different purposes, but they do come hand in hand as they combine to create a hybrid species. Hybrid is the baby born from both sativa and indica to create a balancing effect. It was created after the two discoveries of sativa and indica then genetically innovated to better the experience for medical patients.

How Did They Evolve?

The subspecies came along way from being cultivated in many traditional countries until finally reaching the United States. Patients from all over are using sativa, indica, and hybrid for entirely different reasons. Also, dispensaries are now using all forms of the cannabis subspecies either singularly from sativa or indica.

On the other hand, you have a hybrid subspecies form of cannabis that patients prefer the most because it’s a better healer than one species alone. Hybrids can be dominant from either a sativa or indica, Hybrid can also fall into three categories such as:

  • Sativa Dominant
  • Hybrid Balance of 50/50
  • Indica Dominant

These dominants have their pros and cons from total relaxation to relieving pain in some regions of the body. Hybrids are becoming more widely used as they give unique ways to heal the mind, body, and spirit in different combinations of the plant species.

Cannabis Sativa vs. Indica vs. Hybrid Effects

Sativa is explained to have less cannabidiol (CBD) content within the bud. It’s also able to give energy or more life into the human body. As you smoke a hit of sativa, you’ll feel an intense and uplifting high. Sativa is often used to help patients with energy and helping them ease depression.

Indica is different as it gives you more of a relaxing experience. Indica offers help to patients with insomnia to provide them with a restful night’s sleep. Some recreational users like to refer indica as “in da couch.” Indica is the perfect blend of slowing down your day and bringing you down a notch.

Similarly, hybrid allows patients to feel both sativa and indica to balance their entire body. The ratio of indica or sativa does vary from each patient’s symptom. Hybrid isn’t too different from sativa and indica but holds more similar elements.

Overall, these subspecies have a role to play in each user’s lives from traditional cultivation to modern consuming of cannabis. It’s been a very long time since cannabis has been born, and it will only continue to grow as hybrids will become more dominant than sativa and indica alone.