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Max Out Mondays

15% OFF when your purchase 7 or more grams in total weight of flower / concentrate.

Two for Two Tuesdays

10% OFF any 2 same priced items, 15%OFF 3 or more.

Hash Wednesday

15% OFF Hash, Kief, Infused Joints, Vape Cartridges and paraphernalia.

Treat Yourself Thursday

15% OFF Edibles, Drinks, Topicals and Tinctures.

Tryday Friday

20% OFF Featured product
10/13/17 Deal > 20% off Phat Panda flower (all day)


20% OFF concentrates (excludes vape cartridges)

CBD Sunday

15% OFF CBD products with a concentration of 1:1 or more.


Cannot be combined with other discounts. Quantity Limit in in accordance with Washington State Law. Sales available for items in stock available at time of sale.

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